Partners in Care

The Partners in Care project is designed to create community-driven solutions to support the child care needs of children, families, providers and businesses, and it is working to create pragmatic, feasible solutions to the child care provider shortage facing the community.  By bringing together a multi-cultural and multi-faceted group of community learners and leaders, the group will identify the challenges and barriers that impact child care including provider shortages, licensing, business costs for child care providers, cost of child care for families, and more. The project will include collective reflection and a commitment to dreaming big about solutions for the community.

The solutions identified by Partners in Care will be culturally aware, economically practical, logistically sensible and focused on early childhood. The community will reap the benefit of children who have access to culturally based child care, working parents who have peace of mind knowing that their children are receiving quality care, providers who are supported and businesses who have a more stable workforce.