Community Integration Center

The newly established Community Integration Center (CIC) is a local nonprofit providing transition support to new immigrants. Its mission is to improve the health and healthcare needs of Willmar’s immigrant residents through culturally and linguistically relevant services.

The Willmar community is facing significant health inequities, cultural misconceptions, language and cultural barriers, and a need for enhanced information around health and healthcare. To tackle these issues, CIC is launching its Healthier Willmar initiative, which aims to:

  • Educate and train the community on health issues
  • Create community awareness
  • Promote healthcare that is more responsive to cultural needs and values
  • Hold seminars and workshops on health care topics
  • Educate health practitioners about the culture, norms and beliefs of the Somali community

The CIC will also utilize Idea Fund funding to support English / Somali conversation classes, along with “Willmar Culture Week” during the first week of July, which will deepen understanding and community connections during both Somali and U.S. independence days. The week will include food tastings, cultural presentations and storytelling.