Bethesda offers many options for senior care in the community including nursing care, short-stay therapy centers, independent and assisted living and adult day services. Through Idea Fund funding, Bethesda will enhance the residential facilities’ intergenerational play space, creating an interactive space for the young and wise to build connections across generations, provide opportunities for learning and increase quality of life for seniors.

Through this space, Bethesda will provide a variety of programming options that encourage children to visit more often and to linger longer. As most of the seniors at Bethesda are no longer mobile, bringing children to campus is a way to create relationships that will combat loneliness, depression and risk of disease in seniors, while increasing their quality of life and overall health. Socializing across generations also helps children feel comfortable with seniors and establishes a positive outlook of aging. By providing a fun interactive space for visitors, the hope is that they will come more often and stay longer.

Construction of the intergenerational play space will be completed by June 30th.