Core Values

Several core values guide our efforts as we work to create a future where all members of the Willmar community have access to the resources and opportunities needed to achieve their best possible health. These values are:


  • Leadership: cultivate and lift up new leaders who can help shape the future of Willmar

  • Family (youth, seniors & intergenerational): create connection and meaning across generations

  • Inclusion for access and success: find ways to include all the people of Willmar or find ways to encourage participation from groups that are typically less involved in mainstream community activities

  • Education: educate and/or build knowledge about the role of community in health

  • Bringing people together & building trust and relationships: break down the separation that exists across cultural, racial, generational, and ethnic groups in the community

  • Learning more about one another: help people share their stories and experiences with each other in a way that builds understanding across difference

  • Building cultural competency: improve cross-cultural understanding

  • Health for all: address circumstances that impact health such as physical environment, social and economic factors, access to healthcare and behaviors in a way that removes barriers for those most impacted

  • Busting assumptions and “business as usual”: use a new or creative approach and break down the assumptions we as residents of Willmar make about each other that prevent us from connecting and solving problems together

  • Healthy and health-oriented activities, spaces, and opportunities: create health-focused opportunities that make sense for Willmar