Our Community Table

Get to know the team that’s dedicated to exploring new and innovative ways to approach health in Willmar.

Jerson Chelene moved to Willmar in March of 2016. Jerson is looking forward to being involved in the Community Table as a way to have important conversations across cultures, learn about other community members and to share his own experiences.

Doris Cogelow has lived in the area most of her life. Doris believes that for a community to be healthy, it is important that people feel they belong and are welcome. She is enthusiastic about being involved as a way that helps all community members work, live and play together.

Annette Derouin has been a resident of Willmar since 1990. Annette is passionate about building cultural awareness and increasing access to healthy foods. She is eager to discuss these topics and more within the community table.

Fardowsa Ibrahim moved to Willmar in 2015 after living in New York, Kentucky and Minneapolis. Fardowsa sees Willmar as a small city with big opportunities and is looking forward to helping make the community healthier by sharing her experiences and learning more about fellow community members.

Arfon Mohamud has lived in Willmar since 2014. Arfon believes that to improve the health of a community, it is essential that resources and solutions are tailored to the specific needs of different community members. She looks forward to tackling issues like these within the community table.

Fatuma Omar has resided in Willmar since 2014. Fatuma sees the community table as an opportunity to engage with diverse people in unique ways and to embrace innovative approaches to finding solutions for the community.

Manuel Pinto has lived in the Willmar area since 2000. Manuel is passionate about working together to make the community better for all people. He believes that in order for people to know fellow community members care about the communities needs, they need to see them taking action.